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Thread: Rifles and guns which speak to you

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    Rifles and guns which speak to you

    The recent thread on regrets for rifles ( and shotguns and handguns ) which you let go, and the one on the Weatherby XXII .22 LR, made me think of asking, "What rifles do you really love?"

    It may not be the most accurate, or most lovely, or impressive to hunting partners, nor even taken the most game. But some firearms just bring pleasure to hold, to shoot, to take hunting.

    My Remington 700 .30-06, which I have had for 48 years, since I was a boy, is one of those. I still just use the iron sights, and it will hit whatever I want it to hit, as if the bullets are wire guided.

    Another is the Winchester M70 Featherweight. Whether I own it or it is someone else's, this is about a perfect combination of stock, weight, design, and chamberings. No wonder it has been made for over 70 years.

    Same for the Husqvarnas, like the 640, or the Brno ZG47s, the 21, the 22 and 602, and the Steyr Model M and L. I probably miss shots because I am admiring the rifle in my hands.

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    Winchester M70 featherweight in .243-loved that rifle and then stupidly sold it chasing the trendier names , the one rifle that I love above all others is my Sako Finfire.

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    My Miroku 800 Trap (Monte Carlo, F&F)

    This was my brothers trap gun (part of a matching pair) and was bought in 1970 when he joined my father on the clay shooting circuit - despite being young he rose quickly to shoot for the county. He was killed by a drunk driver on June 11th 1974 at age 17 - in an even more cruel twist he died in hospital in the morning, roughly 300yds from where I was delivered that same afternoon.

    My my father shot very little after this, although harassed by me - instead he taught me more about the ecology and conservation of all the quarry I grew up around. On my 17th birthday my father gave me the gun and it has remained with me ever since.

    I myself shot competitively at club level from then for around 8 years - by all accounts I was not as good a shot as my brother, sometimes cursing the full & full combination! However I don't mind - I like the saying that 'the light that burns twice as bright burns half as long'.

    I still have his cleaning kit and the small tin of Parker Hale oil he used to clean it with - on the odd occasion now when I shoot DTL I use his kit and (very sparingly) a few drops of the oil.

    Not having known him, and, with only anecdotal stories from family and friends this is my only real connection - through the gun and the smell of the oil and the love for shooting. It's a beautiful gun to me, lovely wood, lovely Monte Carlo stock that comes up well and it shoots nice and flat. Although not worth much today it will never leave me, save perhaps being passed to my boys and girl in trust for them.

    The OP struck a chord with me this morning - although this guns story was cut short it is still one that speaks to me to this day.
    For Gods sake - don't tell her how much I've spent

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    I have my grandpa's air rifle not sure what make its loud and not very accurate compared to my s410 but its the one gun I would be sad be with out one day my boys will get to argue over who has it, the other gets my wife's granddad's side by side

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    At the risk of hijack this seems the perfect thread to post “rifles you wish you had bought” so hope you don’t mind if I do.

    I started out craving the below stutzen but soon moved towards the more Anglicized approach to rifle construction. Now in my twilight years its as if turning full circle as I desire one with the exigency of youth!


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    Webley Stinger .177 20 shot BB pistol. Me and my friends all had the same model growing up and regularly went out to an abandoned quarry and spent whole days shooting each other playing war games. No eye protection was worn so it's amazing all of us still have full eyesight. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one of us who still has theirs almost 20 years later and I'm going to use it to introduce my nephew to gun safety and a bit of plinking in the back garden.

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    The first centre fire I actually owned myself.

    Nothing special: a Tikka T3 in .243 wearing a fairly battered second hand Leupold.

    But it was MINE, I learned to stalk in the UK using that rifle, and shot my first roe buck with it.

    It was utterly reliable and more accurate than I could ever be. I eventually sold it - but to a close friend, who I stalk with often, and I always say 'hi' to the rifle. Pleasingly, I guided him onto his first fallow buck with that rifle earlier this spring.

    As a direct result of that rifle, I have a soft spot for all T3s - the detractors can get stuffed. They've probably never used one...

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    I love the cz looks good my first was a 17 hmr

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    Hereford: You know exactly what I am talking about. Your Miroku is a family heirloom; it has history. It is like holding a sword your ancestor used long ago.

    Klenchblaize: I know your lust for the Steyr Model M. I owned other Mannlichers first, but every time I handled that M72 series, I knew I had to have one. For years, I sought what I thought was the perfect one, a .308 Stutzen. But Fate presented a .270 Luxus Stutzen to me at half its worth, and I bought it without hesitation. I love it. It is not the chambering; it is the rifle - the size, the balance, the light weight, the precision and beauty. Scratch your itch, ASAP.

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    I am not in to rifles any easy to use very accurate rifle that dose not weigh a ton.

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