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Thread: Rolex Sea dweller

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    Rolex Sea dweller

    Looking for one of the above second hand and wondered as
    there are some well informed Rolex members on the site if
    anyone can point me in the right direction of a good retailer
    or online trader that you can trust.I know it depends on
    various serial numbers etc but it does seem to be a mine field
    as to the asking prices .

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    i wear a sd4000 everyday.

    the best place to start is Rolex Forums - Rolex Watch Forum

    there are loads of trusted sellers on there for pre owned watches.

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    The Sea Dweller prices seem to have gone through the roof but I'm not sure why.
    The guy who owns The Old Watch shop is a good guy (and somewhat of an expert on Comex Rolex).
    Rolex Omega Patek Philippe Watches at The Old Watch Shop, UK

    I bought a Sea Dweller over the phone from Moody's in Nantwich afew years ago. He told me he'd a few new ones stashed in the safe. Might be worth a phone call.

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    There is an auction house in Birmingham, Fellowes, I think, that has monthly watch sales of all marques. Some are pawnbroker unredeemed pledge sales.

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    Tom Coll Glasgow..... I have dealt with his shop many times and he is very fair.

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    Blowers Jewellers always have a few kicking around too

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