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Thread: Dominant eye macula damage forces crossover rifle stock enquiry

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    Dominant eye macula damage forces crossover rifle stock enquiry

    The macula is the small area of the retina responsible for the highest visual acuity, so my eye specialist told me. Damage to the macula causes a distorted image of the cross hairs reticule and blurring of the target (I keep both eyes open). If it is limited to one eye, a crossover stock (as more commonly found in shotguns) would bring the unaffected eye into line and cure the problem.
    Has anyone else had the same problem and resorted to this type of solution?
    Has anyone good experiences and can recommend a stocker capable of taking on this unusual type of custom challenge?
    Thanks, K

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    I would say it is more common for people to start shooting left handed, I know at least one right handed rifle shooter who shoots off the left due to eye issues

    cross over stocks are even more difficult to get a correct fit

    I started shooting left handed with a shotgun to solve an eye dominance issue.

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    i bought a 303 with a brass offset scope fitted to trade on along with some other rifles ,what it was fitted on for i dont know but it could be used with the left eye right shoulder i never shot it ,just traded it on

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    Rotwild has had eye issues and had to learn to shoot left handed -he's still sh*t but sh*t from both shoulders

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    I've always had a dodgy right eye, and nothing glasses or surgery could correct. I'm also right handed. I had to switch shoulders when I took up shot gun. I'd been shooting rifles right shoulder, left eye. Head sort of cranked over the stock. This worked for the rifle but when I took up shot gun, it's a whole new ball game. I had to learn to shoot off the left and believe me, at first it's a nightmare. Totally alien, even just to break the gun and put cartridges in the thing. Anyway I stuck with it but still shot the rifle off the right shoulder, for a time. Now though, through staying with the left shoulder for the shot gun, I now shoot every thing from the left and it's very much second nature. If you go down this route, it takes a while but is worth it. Hope this is relevant…


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    Andrew Coull of Osborn Gunsmiths at Auchterhouse, near Dundee makes the best crossover shotgun stocks that I have ever seen. But, like everybody else says, change to the left shoulder. Not too difficult to get left handed rifles nowadays.
    Good hunting.

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    I am left eye dominant, albeit right handed. I have always shot left handed from a young age. 10 years ago I dislocated my left wristm, and faced with the prospect of 10 weeks in plaster with pins through it and clear possibility of having quite little use from it, out came the pellet gun. I tin of pellets later I was pretty effectively with my right hand and eye. Ok not as quickly or as well as my left, but good enough that several rabbits regretted my ability and I am sure with another tin or two I would be pretty much there. Fortunately once my left wrist had recovered and a bit of physio later I have gone back to left handed, but will use a right handed shot if I need to - say if shooting from a vehicle.

    And with a shotgun, in many ways its your front hand that does the pointing, all your trigger hand is squeeze a trigger. It should take long to retrain from the otherside. You know how to shot, it's just applying that to a different set of muscles.

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    I would imagine that the main problem you would find putting a cross eye stock on a bolt action would be the affect on the throw of the bolt, so affecting loading and reloading for a follow up shot etc. I guess the only type of rifle you could do this type of conversion would be on a break barrel rifle. I am also sure it would be very difficult to do this type of work on a rifle with a stock fixing bolt like the Sauer 202.
    The ORDNANCE QF 18 pounder Field Gun......I wonder if they will let me have one of these on an open ticket

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