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    sierra 75gn

    Afternoon you lovely lot
    has anyone used sierra 75gn varminter hollow points? 6mm flatbase.
    brought a box of 100 and wondered if anyone has any good/bad points
    many thanks

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    I've used these as my go to varmint bullet in 243 rifles for many years. Awsome wee bullets - shoot tight groups - all my 4 243 rifles shot them within half an inch at 100 yards - & they are devastating on foxes. No bad points other than the square rear end makes bullet alignment in the cases more fiddly than a boat tail bullet. - Can't blame the bullets for my rheumatism tho'.


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    Thanks yorric thats put my mind at rest a bit, only ever used boat tail 87gn in the br.
    I did a google search but didnt find much I'll try a batch In the .243 for a tester but I do have a mate who shoots benchrest who says flatbase are more accurate out to 300 time will tell

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    Worked up 4 loads 36.5-37.0-37.5-38.0 strangey all shot the first 2 in the same hole and the 3rd half to three quarters away never had that before

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