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Thread: .222 Sako A1

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    .222 Sako A1

    Nice example of the Sako A1 in .222 complete with Optilok bases and 1" rings and a Harris bipod.
    Screw cut 1/2x20.

    575 collected from Bisley this coming Friday, Saturday or Sunday
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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    .222 or .223?
    My typo in the listing, it's a .222
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    Had a load of PMs on this ! to answer quickly as I'm just on a fuel break on the M6.

    Factory wood stock, sporter profile barrel.

    Rings do come with the inserts.

    Yes can work on the price a bit if you don't want the bipod or rings/bases.

    I would prefer it viewed, haggled over and collected from Bisley this weekend. If it does not sell at Bisley I will include RFD carriage in the price.

    Yes I have a spare new firing pin/cocking piece assembly and yes I have some more Sako .222s with me.

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    It's on hold for you Ed pending seeing it and the L491.

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