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Thread: So whats a fair price?

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    So whats a fair price?

    We had our gameshoot meeting last night, its a small affair, 7 farmers and 3 non farmers, the non farmers do the keepering, and the farmers provide the land,

    after the meeting, a few were talking about the numer of deer about and the poachers, I offered to "help" I already shoot deer on some of the land but can now add the rest (about a thousand acres possibly) its all roe but we have seen muntjack locally.
    Knowing how farmers think I intend to pay something to them but what? so much a buck/doe?
    or a flat amount and a share of the venison.
    btw its under 5 mins from home.

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    Hi bobt..

    Tricky one that, one mans fair price can be miles apart from anothers..

    Ive had a bit of luck this week and picked up two new pieces of ground..

    Ones fifteen minutes from my door and the fella and his family are happy for a few steaks and for me to take his younger brother along with me on occasion..

    the other is an hour and twenty minutes away and the fella there has settled on a small christmas hamper ( Bookers )..

    Good luck

    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    It's under 5 minutes from home - are you sure you'll be able to find it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hairybiker View Post
    It's under 5 minutes from home - are you sure you'll be able to find it?
    I can see my house from some of it, so hopefully yes.
    and I will avoid being kidnapped.

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    Bob, have you actually seen Muntjac yourself? If so I would be interested to know roughly where in Yorkshire you have seen them. I am in Doncaster and keep getting spasmodic reports from around the area but as yet have not seen one hear for myself. FM.

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    It is a hard one to answer that one

    I was friendly with a farmer who had land at Crook Nr Windermere that had both Red Deer on and Roe we agreed the share of venison 1/2 carcass apiece, however a few years ago he stopped me from stalking it as he told me he had a friend who he used to go to school with and he wanted to shoot it and he felt it would clash so i lost it.

    I am not sure how truthfull he was in that statement as i got the impression he realized its sporting potential and I had a feeling it was all down to the fact he could get money for it as a sporting concern eventually he sold the land and as far as i am aware its now shot out.
    Personally if I had known of his true intentions I would have put it on a financial footing then at least we both new where we stood as it is I have lost a decent piece of stalking ground that was Local.

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    Your in a bit of a spot here, and the only way out [from past experience] is to offer what you currently pay, in whatever form, to the other farmers as they all talk and are in the same group. If you offer to pay, then you will have to "bring up" the current rate you enjoy with the other farmers that you already have the stalking over.

    You could of course, offer a new "deal" to all the farmers of a 50/50 split. The best way I have found is to keep a record of what is shot and where and at the end of the year go walkabout with the turkey, whiskey and hard cash of their 50% share with a copy of your records in case they want one. Doing it this way is open, honest and above board where all parties can see what is being done and stops any suspicions in its first steps. I would also keep it seperate from the gameshooting if you can.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on and in outline terms what deal you manage to strike.



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    This is a tricky one. I have some shooting where I was asked to go to sort out the problem of deer damage, and on those three abutting areas I share the venison. The landowners have their pick of what they want, haunch, fillets etc. etc. from each beast shot.

    Then I have some where I pay (not much, most is £1.00/acre)) and the venison is mine, but i do gifts of wine, beer, spirits etc. at Christmas. Some of the latter "paid for" land overlaps with some game shoots, but my lease is seperate from the shoots. I have an arrangement where if a fox presents and I were to have the choice between fox or deer, I take the fox. It makes for good relations with the shoot, again presents of venison, beer, port, whisky etc. lubricate the process.

    It is tricky and I wish you the best of luck!

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    One of our pieces we go 50/50 on money we get from the dealers. We keep records of what was shot and hand over the cash once a year (less reasonable expenses). You could maybe offer some sort of arrangment like this, but you put the money back into the game syndicate? Depends how many deer you reckon you'll shoot a year, but if 50% of the profits only works out at a couple of hundred quid and you've then got to split that between 7 farmers, it might be in everyone's best interests just buy a few more poults? More shooting for everyone and the farmers get their deer controlled by someone they can trust? Obviously, a bottle of scotch at Christmas never goes amiss

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    have you actually tacled the subject with the farmers directly? After all they are in your syndicate and not unknown to you, it might be a better approach than trying to "imagine" what they want.

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