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Thread: Best NV 'add-on' for 1000-1500

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    Best NV 'add-on' for 1000-1500

    Hi all, as the title suggests I'm looking for some guidance from the more experienced nv users on the site. I don't really want to dedicate a rifle for nv at the moment, so I'm looking at going down the 'add-on' route. I'll try to give as much relevant info as possible so here goes;
    The unit will be used for foxing out to probably 200yds max, and I'm looking for something I can use as a spotter first then mount onto a normal scope. I already own a nm800 with an ir led, so looking to use that as an additional illuminator if needed. The unit will then be mounted onto either a Leup vxiii 3.5-10x50 or a S+B Zenith 3-12x50. Ideally I want to buy a new unit and not a 'higher spec' second hand one.
    Any helpful replies will be most greatfully received.
    Many thanks in advance

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    Archers are brilliant but you will need adjustable parallex on your scope.

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    Pulsar DFA 75 seems to be a good bit of kit as long as you use a nightmaster IR 800

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    Quote Originally Posted by .243 t3 View Post
    Pulsar DFA 75 seems to be a good bit of kit as long as you use a nightmaster IR 800
    Thanks.243 t3. Have you had a look through one?

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    You dont need to spend that for a add on nv system for 200yrd fox control.
    I still say the the nite site range is hard to beat for a "off the shelf" product but some very good "home builds" out there now for a lot less!
    You will find that the quality scopes you have mentioned wont neccesarily give you the best performance with digital nv add ons and parallax adjustment is essential for focus.
    For your budget you will be able to get a spotter and a add on for your rifle.
    Have a look on the night vision forum uk for more info

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    For the money you could get a secondhand archer. I think they are 1700 new. Great piece of kit.
    You could also consider the nitesite. I would go for the Middle one, that is digital.
    i don't think the leupold will be a very good scope. Mate had one I seem to recall and the image was dreadful.

    it really depends on how much of your shooting is going to be done at night.
    if it is only a small amount then I would say the nitesite if a lot then the archer.
    There are lots of variables that need to be taken into account. Each system has it's benefits.
    i have never used a dfa75 but people who I know who have say it is cack. Now whether that is because of the scope I don't know, I really should get to try one.

    as mentioned you will need a scope that has parallax adjustment. With the nite site you could go for front parallax, with the archer you need side.
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    Save yourself some money get a weaver rail fitted to your rifle and quick release mounts for your scopes, then use a normal dayscope and you can swap to nightvision when needed, this will do for 200yds and save a few quid. Yukon Photon XT 6.5 x 50 Night Vision Scope

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    wardy d vision,never had a look through one but as soon as i get funds im having one,excellent bit of kit according to people i have talked to on the NV forum, see them for sale second hand very rarley which says alot about them,695,but you would have to change your scope to a cheaper hawke or mtc with side parralax,or failing that there are some new excellent products coming out in september,front add-on(the cipher),and a rear add-on (the ramora) from night vision gear uk

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    I would of though you would be better off buying a separate spotter and an add-on to shot with, trying to attach an add-on to a rifle when you have a target in sight is a right faf IMO, the faster you try and do it the worse it gets.

    For your budget a Ward D Vision add-on or an NT300 to shoot with and a Pulsar N870 to spot with, you will need decent IR as well, something like a T50 or T67 for the add-on and a T20 for the spotter, this pair will easily do the range you are after and some more. Up the budget a bit and you could go for a thermal spotter.

    I would not recommend a DFA 75, no good as a spotter and suffers from several problems on the rifle as well, it has not been a popular product for Pulsar for good reason.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnthonyR View Post
    I would of though you would be better off buying a separate spotter and an add-on to shot with, trying to attach an add-on to a rifle when you have a target in sight is a right faf IMO, the faster you try and do it the worse it gets.
    I -respectfully- disagree. I use a Titan Gen 2+ add-on and find it works very well for me. It makes a surprisingly good spotter, especially with the laser focussed tight and scanning for eye shine, and mounts easily, quickly and quietly to any rifle I fit the adapter to. Practise attaching and detaching the monocular a few times and you can do it in moments, and in almost complete silence. I shot a vixen last night in exactly this way. Picked it up crossing a pasture at c.300m, started calling, got a positive response and put the monocular on the rifle. By the time the fox had reached 200m I had it in the cross hairs. Once inside 100m I stopped it and dropped it. Then it's monocular off and scan for more.

    Quote Originally Posted by AnthonyR View Post
    [...] a Pulsar N870 to spot with
    This surprised me. The N870 is a good dedicated riflescope, but obviously when mounted to a rifle it is unsuitable for use as a spotter. You could fit a vertical fore-grip and use it as a hand-held, I suppose, but it's a bit big and bulky in that role.

    NiteSites are even less suitable as spotters.

    As you'll gather, my vote goes to the tubed add-on... followed by a plan to acquire a thermal spotter when funds permit. I was lucky enough to have the use of one for most of last year and life without one really takes some getting used to!
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