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Thread: Out for a wander on a beautiful sunny day.............

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    Out for a wander on a beautiful sunny day.............

    It is the last day of my Easter break,so,off out I went to a farm a few miles away as he had said there was a few Bucks about.I got there about 1500hrs,and made my way to the area that usually holds any deer that are around,but,as they say....'The best laid plans of mice and men go awry' and that is exactly what happened,no deer to be seen at all,so i dropped down over the opposite side of the valley for a peak.Last year i had seen a huge Buck with three does around this time,and,was hoping to get a chance of a shot this time,but,even though with the sun up I felt very confident of there being a couple of deer out sunning themselves in the bottom pasture,there was nothing at all.Well,I was going to move on,but,I thought as it was so nice that I would sit up under a hedge for a while and see what came along....I didn't have to wait long and a large dog fox came padding along the brook side,I swung the sticks round to face his direction just to see him disappear behind a hedgeline for 10 mins and then reappear in the same field as me but right down by the brook only in sight every few mins for a second or two.I probably should of taken him out when I first saw him,but it was the best part of 300yds and he just wasn't gonna stop for anything,I tried a whistle and even an 'OY' but he wasn't having any of it,anyway long story short he kept on going at a pace after crossing the brook which was my cue to go on to another farm of mine which is in the valley where I live.
    I arrived at the farm,and,the owners son was in the workshop and we passed the time of day for while,and,he said that he hadn't seen any deer for a few days which was probably due to him ripping out a lot of Alder and Elder trees and a whole lot of Bramble

    ,but that was 10 days ago,so I bid him farewell and headed up the hill to the dingle.I got half way up the hill and had a peep over the hedge and there was a deerlike shape in the shadows,so I froze and brought the rifle up cos I hadn't brought my bins,I could see a heavily pregnant Doe,and as I stood there still frozen another shape appeared,and this time it was a Buck.He wasn't going to make it easy for me though,he stood at every stupid angle he could think of,you'd of thought he was doing yoga,this seemed to go on forever but in fact probably about 5-10 mins,when he finally took one step forward giving me the perfect heart/lung shot which I duly took,he dropped like he had been pole-axed and done a bit of leg flailing then laid there motionless.I slowly made my way the long way round to save me having to go through the bog,and on the way round I saw another two Does leaving the scene,I did keep my eyes peeled though as there are a few Muntjac round here,although not today.Still,as I pondered work tomorrow(for about two seconds)I stood there in the shade of a Elder bush I got on with the gralloch,and,when I went back through the yard the owners son said "Crikey mate,what was that 5 minutes,you didn't hang around.....I heard the shot,and couldn't believe it,he must of been right behind the workshop" well infact he was pretty much,we chewed the fat for a while,and,then off home to take the dogs out..............I love sunny days!!

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    Well done mate.
    Hope you are keeping well.
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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