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Thread: SwedTeam BumBag HWG

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    SwedTeam BumBag HWG
    any one use one of these thinking of ether geting on of these or a new roe sack


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    Russ there is nothing you can get in that that you cant get in a good Roe sack .But you would struggle to get in that what you can get in your Roe Bag including Deer.

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    Hi russ91,
    I use one of these bumbags and i think they are top gear.I don`t stalk roe, only reds in very steep ground.Use it for keeping rope,sannys firstaid kit ,gloves and various bits and pieces.I would certainly get another when this one`s kackered.

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    I use a bum bag for all my bits too,keep everything i need in there then i know thats all i have to grab when i go stalking.Tried to get one in this country and everyone was out of stock so oredered one from cabelas was about thirty odd quid ans came in less than a week

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    can any one sugest a decent roe sack then?

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