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Thread: 458 win mag for boar?

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    458 win mag for boar?

    Hi, as I understand it 458 win is not a deer allowable calibre for Fac, question is can it be allowable for UK boar?

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    A .458 Win will be viewed as a Dangerous Game round by any FEO and highly unlikely to be authorised for use on deer or even boar in the UK for that matter!

    Your best bet would be to get it added for use abroad for which you then have shown "good reason" that annual boar or plains game trip that you've always promised yourself.

    Once you have it you can then start the somewhat tricky negotiation for adding it for use on boar and AOLQ in the UK...but don't hold your breath....the .458 is a big old round for these shores and therefore highly unlikely to be sanction!

    Good Luck with that!

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    Hope you have a different photo on your fac
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    Thanks for the advice, I should have said I have a 458 already which I used for buff, my renewal is due soon and thought maybe I could transfer to UK boar as Africa a little bit expensive at the moment

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    Worth a conversation as you already have "good reason" to possess but I think they might get a wee bit twitchy on boar or AOLQ with expanding ammo!

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    When I shot boar in the Forest of Dean the stalker took out a .457 as a back up and I assume this was conditioned for boar by West Mercia.

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    If you have a read through "Home Office Guidance on Firearms Licensing Law" this is the bible which ALL FEO's and licensing departments of various county Constabularies in England Wales Scotland and I am fairly sure Northern Ireland as well.
    It is an interesting read and the current edition is available on line. I had a quick read through as I am currently renewing my certificate and had this funny fealing that I was going to answer some question re land etc. Pleased to say I worried with no need to. However in the transcript I did notice the section in paragraph 13 on the calibers it talks of the .22 cf in England and Scotland but goes on to say that the more recognized calibers for deer control/stalking range between .243 and 45-70.
    Have a read of this document it may be of help to you.
    The ORDNANCE QF 18 pounder Field Gun......I wonder if they will let me have one of these on an open ticket

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    you have it for an already established good reason they should condition it for Deer boar etc as per guidance you may get AOLQ as directicves are that if you have a rifle with good reason it should be conditioned for anything else you can shoot legally

    page 111 HO guidance

    Some rifles intended for antelope and other plainsgame may also be suitable for deer, boar or other quarry shooting in this country. Onceinitial “good reason” has been established for a rifle in shooting “dangerous game”, it mayalso be considered for shooting the larger deer species and boar in Britain. Expandingammunition may (must in the case of deer) also be authorised for an applicant whosecertificate allows for the rifle also to be used for shooting deer or boar in Britain.
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    does that mean my .45-70 that is conditioned for target shooting only should be opened up, for AOLQ?

    Atb Matt

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    Quote Originally Posted by 09mutley05 View Post
    does that mean my .45-70 that is conditioned for target shooting only should be opened up, for AOLQ?

    Atb Matt
    I don't see why not. I have a Marlin 45-70 conditioned AOLQ with West Mercia. Have read about plenty of others on here who have similar....

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