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    first deer

    i went out for my first buck of the season over the weekend and i thought id take the pup to see how she was. 10 month old weimaraner. well she walked at heal fine and sat beside me whilsed glassing then i spotted a few deer out in a field about 200 yards so i got her to stay and i crawled in to posision i picked out the buck and shot. the deer was hit and ran to the right about 30 yards and dropped. so i returned to the dog and sat for a while then made my way down wind from the deer and told her to go and find she went straight to the shot site then worked towords the deer. she wondered off the trale a couple of times but found it again then got wind of the buck and went straight to him. i was so pleased with the out come. you dont give the dogs the credit they deserve they are truley brilliant...

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    Great stuff, This is true you must trust your dogs I put my 15 month old GWP on a 12 hr old track and pulled him off the sent as he took taking me far to far for what I thought. As he has never tracked old sents before I thought he was old wonder and taking the P**s. The a friend of mine has a hanavaian who is used to old blood sents and his took nearly the same line. I will always trust my dog and believe in it, even if he is daft as a brush.

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    i have never met a dog that has lied, and i dont think i ever will!


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