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Thread: 30-06 custom rifle

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    30-06 custom rifle

    Hello all

    selling my 30-06 semi custom rifle

    it's a weatherby long action with extended bolt knob, light varmint profile barrel at 24" 18x1 thread with invisible thread cap, sss sporter stock glass fibre/carbon very stiff very robust, devcon and pillar bedded, DNZ 1 piece game reaper 30mm mount,armour black cerakote barrelled action, duracoated stock matte black, one less Charlie custom 8 baffle moderator also comes with dies. Round count is less than 100 great condition
    £1200 offers welcome
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    More info email
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    Lovely kit that, ticks all the boxes. atb

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    It's a lovely rifle built by jäger sa and SSS. Tough as nails but selling a few rifles to fund another a lot of rifle for the money the stockalone was £800 with bedding job.

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    I do like an "06" they just knock things down well.I used mine on Roe Fallow and Red and found I had less meat damage than the .243 which caused profuse bruising of the carcass.The "06" made a bigger hole but far less real meat damage!Nice rifle.What a grouping!

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    Thanks Roebuck the 30-06 is a great versatile cartridge

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    Totally forgot there's a custom muzzle brake with this rifle also
    so for £1200 you get a great rifle with custom stock and barrel, mount, muzzle brake, mod and fl dies

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    Quote Originally Posted by gr1ffer View Post
    Thanks Roebuck the 30-06 is a great versatile cartridge
    As an enquiry what load ,bullet weight were you using when you shot the group?

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    Was 44 grains RL-17,180 grain sgk, fed 210 lr primer. RP brass fl sized
    so shoots very nicely with Barnes tsx 150 grain

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    Good recipe then,certainly produces the goods.

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    I remember reading an article in the Gun Digest by an American BGH who stated that he only ever took two rifles to Africa,a 375HH and a 30.06.He had all the range and trajectory data taped to the stocks.Great combo!

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