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Thread: Rigby 275

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    Rigby 275

    I now have a Rigby .275 on my ticket and sitting in my cabinet. It belongs to an old friend of mine who has passed it me as he can no longer use it due to illness - he has recovered but not to stalking level. I am looking after it and been to use it and enjoy it, but it will go back to his family as youngsters get older.

    It was built in the 1960s by Rigbys and was the estate rifle for many years. It was well made and has been well looked after, but now has a nice purple patina to it.

    First impressions are one of solidity - quite a chunky 22" barrel that puts the weight between the hands. Stock is typical late Rigby with a Monte Carlo cheek piece. Open express sighs and S&B 4x32 scope with post reticle.

    Now just need to get some ammo.

    only downside is the bolt handle is on the wrong side - but gunmakers have always got that wrong. Still I can live with that.

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    Any chance of some photos? Sounds like a true classic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 762Scot View Post
    Any chance of some photos? Sounds like a true classic.
    yes - once I've worked out how to easily post

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    We also had one as an estate rifle, open sights I never really used it but the stalker prior to me used it on the hinds, he was deadly with it faster than a scoped rifle when dealing with multipal shots.

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    +1 for any photos, it sounds like a classic rifle you have and I would love to see some photos of it. Its a real shame that you friend can no longer stalk but as you say you are holding it for his family and keeping it clean and in working order regards sbm

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    It is a 7x57mm Mauser. At the time, most Mausers were shooting the heavier 173-gr bullets at low velocity, as designed for the original 1893 Mausers. Rigby brought out a new cartridge and rifle with a 140-gr bullet at 2,800 FPS.

    Hornady ammunition for .275 Rigby
    Hornady Manufacturing Company :: Ammunition :: Rifle :: Choose by Caliber :: 275 Rigby :: 275 Rigby 140 Gr InterLock® SP

    Rigby history

    Another owner tells the story of his 1939 Rigby Express.
    Mauser's 7mm

    You can start out with some milder 139/140-gr loads from Prvi Partizan and Sellier & Bellot - cheap and shoot well at about 2,650 fps.
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    Well had a shot with this rifle this evening. Use a mix old federal 173gn round nose and some RWS 150gn shot off sticks at 80 odd yards. It was all shooting to point of aim so I then shot a few small turnips. What a lovely rifle to shoot - no recoil to speak of and just very smooth. Now going hunting!

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    I'd be interested in what you find when you take deer with it.
    I've two rifles, a sako 75 in 243 and a varberger in 7x57, the kraut equivalent of your rigby. The 7x57 was my immediate favourite, and I found very little meat damage on roe though it is remarkably effective at dropping them. 165gr Gecos are through it at the moment and are good. Will be trying federals in 140s and hornady light magnums in 139s that are loaded 100fps or so faster.
    Tried S&B which were also ok. Remarkably unfussy as to what fodder it gets so far.
    Happy hunting!
    I never make the same mistake twice.

    I make it five or six times.

    Just to be sure.

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    7x57, the kraut equivalent of your rigby.
    I am a brit living in Germany and even I find kraut to be an offensive term to be using today as it just keeps the old rivalries alive and just in case you wondered I do have a good sense of humour on most things.
    Felt I had to comment on that.

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    Have to agree. Anyway the Rigby 275 was a lighter bullet version of the 7 x 57. The Germans did get there first in this case.


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