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Thread: Lost or Stolen

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    Lost or Stolen

    Lost or Stolen Two springer spaniel dogs liver and white ,one is 3 the other is 15 months
    disappeared on Monday night from Montgreenan just outside Irvine, Ayrshire ,Scotland

    These belong to a mate of mine who was cleaning out kennels the dogs were running about the area of the house, within 10 minutes they had vanished without trace ,if anyone heres of any information I'd be grateful .

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    Give it a couple of weeks they will be with the police or army being assessed for a drug or explo course. The market in Spaniels aand Laabs is huge and the scumbags know it.


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    Posted elsewhere and got a nibble . Phoned WS, he phoned owner. Now we wait to see if the sighting was fruitful, here's hoping its a

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    They scumbags often wait until the insurance reward is offered before showing their hand and offering the return of the dogs. Knowing full well the police will do nothing about it.

    A good flogging with the birch and a branding on the forehead should be their reward.

    Lets hope the get returned unharmed and well cared for.

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    Many thanks Jimbo ,I spoke with various people reference the dogs, eventually got through to the local Police Station, where they had information on the two dogs which had been lifted form a field by a passer by on Wednesday night a bit worse for ware ,he had phoned the local Police telling them his details where the dogs could be repatriated to there owner.

    With a happy ending to there travels for a change .

    I'm waiting for the address information to be passed back reference there whereabouts.

    Hard to beat the speed of the Email

    Many thanks .

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