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Thread: The visit and a .375 Holland & Holland

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    The visit and a .375 Holland & Holland

    So I have a visit from a friendly firearms bod to discuss my .375 h&h variation for boar in Europe and here for boar and large deer and it's a bit odd.

    They have no problem giving me .375 h&h for using in Europe ONLY and that's a plus but I explained how the rifle would need to be zeroed and used because you couldn't simply travel over to pond with an out of the box rifle you've never fired. I also explained that I own woodland in the highland with Red & Sika which are culled from high seats down rides in the woodland and on the open ground. We were in agreement that the rifle would be suitable for culling from a highseat and zeroing there.

    Problem is..... the guidelines say that .375 h&h is a dangerous game round????? But my understanding as per BASC energy comparisons is that once a caliber has been granted then it should be allowed to shoot other species where it is capable and legal to do so.

    Who's got input?

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    Paul, a lot depends on how your local force interpret the home office guidelines. This is where the problem lies, as none of them sing off the same song sheet.

    I had my new FLO pay me a visit on Tuesday as my renewal is due. At the moment I have a .416 Rem for shooting Red deer in the UK and would like this still to be the case after renewal. The reason being is that I use it abroad and the only way I can get expanding ammunition for it is to be able to shoot reds in the UK.

    When I first got it I was only able to use it in the UK on approved ranges with solids and for carrying to and from port of embarkation when travelling abroad. Once abroad I could use it according to local laws. Not long after I aquired it, I was lucky enough to have a sensible guy in charge at the licensing headquarters who appreciated that I needed expanding ammo for use abroad and that i needed plenty of practice with it for hunting dangerous game. It was he who suggested I get permission to shoot reds with it then I could happily get the expanding ammo. Again, luckily, I have some ground with reds on and the landowner is happy for me to cull them with a .416 if I want to (to date, I have not shot a deer in the UK with it).

    This was 10 years ago. At my last renewal, the force revoked this clause saying that the calibre was too big for deer. Again, someone else got to be in charge and I managed to get my FAC varied again to include the .416 for reds.

    It will be interesting to see what they do this time round. I will keep you posted.

    My advice to you is to keep fighting. Incidently, the BASC were not interested in backing me on this. I am not knocking them however, because they have been excellent on other occasions.

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