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Thread: Good Loads for 20" barrel 308?

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    Good Loads for 20" barrel 308?


    Just about to start loading for my 308 in the next few months once I have shot out the factory ammunition I have left. Looking through reloading books etc and speaking to those in the know most of the info I can find on powders is calculated with a 24" barrel.

    I will be using bullets in the 150 - 180 grain weight range and wonder if anyone is doing something similar and has some recipies that give sensible velocities out of a short barrel. I'm only looking for somewhere in the 2250 - 2500 fps range and probably at the lower end of that (for england).



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ID:	744i use 150 g hornady sst over 47.5 grains of n140 with an col. 2.8, it gives 2760fps out of a 19 inch barrel.

    This in my rifle is highly accurate, have loaded this round with less powder and found that had very little affect in the accuracy.


    ps. there are six rounds through that hole.
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    Hello W

    My rifle is a bueprinted Rem 700 with 20" barrel and with 125grn Sierra Spitzer over 48gr of H4895 it gives 3078fps

    150grn Sierra Spitzer over 44.5gr of H4895 gives 2869fps

    In my rifle these loads are sub moa and not at the limit, do not about yours but I am sure you will work your loads up.

    Good luck


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    Thanks men, I will have a go. Looks like I can get the velocities I want with the usual powders.

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