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Thread: Twist rate ??

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    Twist rate ??

    Hello all im still searching for my .243. I have the option of a tikka T3 hunter with T8 for 580 or a Tikka m55 whith only a few marks on the stock but a good bore for 250 (this needs screw cut etc) anyway back to the main question. The T3 has a twist rate of 1/10 is that ok or should i look for something else as my last T3 had a twist rate of 1/8. I didnt think this search would be so confusing

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    My tikka has a 1 in 10 twist and handles bullets from 55gr to 100gr with no problems. It should be fine.

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    mosa - you have asked a very good question. It all depends what you want to do.

    My gallery shows a 243 Sako 75. It used to have a 1:10 twist barrel, it now has a 1:8 twist barrel so that I can shoot 105 AMax and heavier bullets. Rgds JCS

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    Mosa - do you know the barrel lenghs on the two rifles, have either of them been altered

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    Most .243 barrels with a a one-in-ten twist prefer bullet weights of 85gr or less, however, I won a box of 100gr Privi Partizan bullets at a stalkers shoot and they shot a half-inch group to the same place as the 75gr V.Max I was zeroed for.


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