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Thread: Agricultural tax for Kubota

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    Agricultural tax for Kubota

    I have a 2005 Kubota 900 RTV, which has lights, indicators etc. anyone have any idea what I need to do to tax it agricultural class?

    Thanks in advance


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    hi Rich
    You need to Ring DVLA and ask for the relevant forms To register a vehicle for agricultural use, Fill in the form and if you dont understand some of the questions ring dvla and they will talk you through it, Send off completed forms and you will be given a date and time to take the vehicle to your local dvla office for inspection, the inspector will check that the chassis and engine numbers match, in time you will be issued with a registration document with a Q numberplate which you will need to take with you to get a numberplate made, you will also need insurance to take it on the road, mine is with NFU and is classed as a tractor, i had to go to the post office for my tax disc but now its done on line, your vehicle will be tax exempt and no mot is needed, if you do a search on here under registering a quad for agricultural use on a Q plate you should find my original post cheers Geoff
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    thanks for the reply. It was a lot easier when the DVLA had local offices! at least you could sit with someone and fill the forms in!

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