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Thread: witch boots?

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    witch boots?

    OK its time for some new boots but I am not sure what to go for dose any have any experience with the harkila pro hunters 12inch boot or is the a better boot ,they need to be very hard wearing .

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    my mate had 2 pairs of harkila boots, both leaked after 2 days on the hill. i would look at another brand

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    Currently got altberg and meindels on the go .both very good boots .

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    I would steer clear of "witch" boots.....might be cursed!

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    got cheapo total fishing gear boots size 12,not leaked yet after 3 years..only 50 quid direct from their website.nylon not leather and never a problem.

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    Do your tootsies a favour and buy them a pair of Hanwag Tatra Top boots.
    Mine have received punishment and still completely waterproof and comfy as slippers.

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    Would agree about not getting a pair of Harkila boots

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    Pendel's and treat with besomwax.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fursty Ferret View Post
    I would steer clear of "witch" boots.....might be cursed!
    These posts on boots always leave me spellbound.

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