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Thread: Stalking, May, Poland, Blaser R8 Blaser R8

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    Stalking, May, Poland, Blaser R8 Blaser R8

    I enjoy this time of year, plenty of deer about, birds signing... midge and mosquitoes not biting yet

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    Lovely vid, thank you.
    Beautiful countryside.
    Was that a BEAR coming your way at one stage??

    Are you enjoying the new rifle?

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    another great vid , thanks for sharing ,looked like a boar to me Casual-t ,but may well be wrong !

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    It was a wild boar. A sow with piglets she was checking me out trying to catch the wind. When she got downwind she knew what was going on and made a run. You could hear a distinctive alarm call only a sow makes to call in the rest of the group.
    Glad you like the vid, thanks for your comments.

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    Another great video there

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    Another quality video Greg. How's the season going for you so far

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    Hi Scott, Not enough time to go as often as I would like, it was my first buck to be honest, got couple of pigs too. ATB, Greg

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    Allready watched last night Greg good video again,,,regards doug,

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