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Thread: Shooting for Children

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    Shooting for Children

    Hi all, got one of my boys turning 8 in 2 weeks and going to get him his own air rifle. Does anybody know of anywhere which allows children onto a range/indoor range (ideally with tutition) as opposed to just me teaching him in the back garden/down the farm with targets?

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    Might be worth contacting the NSRA (National Small bore Rifle Association) to see if there is a club in your area. They run the Youth Proficiency Scheme. It's a course over several sessions, covers more than 'just shooting' and has a shooting test at end with a ranked badge award.
    A longer shot but might be worth trying. If he's in Cubs ask his Leader if anyone in District runs a range. HTH


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    Hi Duncan, thanks hadnt thought of NSRA.....will call them tomorrow. I just feel kids learn better from somebody who isnt their parent!

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    That's often true. I'm an NSRA qualified Youth tutor. Neither of my sons are 'awkward' with me but both seemed to come on faster with air rifles when a friend went through the basics with them again.

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    Shooting for Children

    I agree kids learn better from almost anyone but Dad. I hate instructing my lot and they only listen to me properly at my club when I'm teaching with my other students. One to one I'm just Dad, at the club I'm at least Club Instructor!

    Physical size and strength is the main problem for kids learning. Gun fit is critical. They are too small at 8 to free hand shoot anything. That said I played with a .22 and .22 WMR rifle this weekend called a Cricket.

    Where kids fit with our Firearms Laws is clear: outside of a Home Office Approved Club they cannot shoot anything on your FAC. At 14 they can have an FAC of their own as mine have. Problem is my clubs insurance won't cover them until 12.

    Shotgun is less difficult and getting your kid a SGC should be no problem so long as they understand basic safety and gun law and can explain it to Firearms Licencing Officer.

    Whatever happens you must protect their ears and eyes (put them in a protective bubble) and try not to put them in a position where they flinch or they get scared of shooting very quickly.
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    I've been shooting on and off with my two for a while now, they're 8 and 10. Neither can yet take the heft of the rifle (little Crossman Raven .177), but they're both fair shots, particularly my son who's a fidgety sod at the best of times, but by god when he's staring down the scope it's as if the world stands still for him.

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