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Thread: Feeding old frozen game

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    Feeding old frozen game

    I probably have 20/30 kg of old game in the freezer. ( 2006 / 2007 / 2008 pheasants,hare,....... ) I consider feeding it to the dogs . Would this be better raw or coocked? Bones!!!!!!

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    Personally I would not use it to feed to my dog, in fact I found some old pheasant & rabbit in the bottom of my freezer and binned it.

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    I have fed frozen game and other stuff a few years old plenty of times, but probably not that old. It cant be bad if it's frozen - maybe stale.

    Definitely NOT cooked. Thaw a bit thoroughly and try it. I reckon the mutt will love it.

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    If you are going to feed it, make sure it's raw ( cooked bones can be dangerous for dogs)
    probably best if the dog is kennelled ( farting)
    people sometimes forget what a dogs natural diet should be

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    Just moved the lab 3 weeks ago to raw ... Difference is amazing ... Very little scour, half the amount of faeces as before .... Just shows what some kibble is filled with bulk fillers ... In & out !
    As said above Bones must be raw !!
    Some folk state that some raw better to be frozen for couple of weeks to kill off bacteria .
    Defrost & have a sniff ...
    As a guide if I wouldn't eat it I won't feed it to the dog .


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    Surely of that age it would have freezer burn there for I'd be throwing it in the bin.

    Raw food gives my dogs the squits.

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    Very surprised at the number of people advocating feeding raw game from frozen, especially when bird bones are mentioned, any bird bones can be dangerous, cooked or raw.
    if it is that old it will probably be as dry as an old boot and benefit from cooking

    I personally would cook them all together and debone them, then use any generic biscuit mixer for carbs and fibre.

    As for volume of faeces that is just standard for the low quality dog foods

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    boil the birds up with a couplke of cups of rice and then run it all through a mincer the bones mince up small enough as not to be dangerous the dogs will love it better than and more natural than cheap dry food as a change.

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    I feed my labs and terriers raw but bones out never had any problems since when have foxes and wolves had it cooked

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    I am a little (only a little) surprised at the emergence of some old furphies here. Please note that no wild canine:

    1/ Has its food cooked.

    2/ Eats rice, unless it is present in the gut of its prey.

    3/ Passes up a bird meal

    4/ Has its food deboned.

    No commercial dog food is as good at meeting the natural requirements of a dog as raw food.

    Bones are the source of much of the canines mineral requirements. I have fed thousands (yes - thousands) of bird carcases, many, many, deer ribcages and many. many rabbits to dogs. Check the rabbits for hydatids, then chop the rabbits in half with an axe. One half equals a meal - feet, fur, head, guts - the lot. Never a problem. although I am sure my gut wouldn't fare so well.

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