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Thread: New facebook photo page

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    New facebook photo page

    Hi all I have also set up a new Facebook photo page for all like minded shooters to post pics on, of all aspects of shooting not just stalking its great to share pix of our shooting memories and see what other great pix people have taken whilst shooting,

    the he page is called Shooting Pix Uk hope to see you all there and posting some pictures

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    Preferrably not headshot deer please! We don't need any more ammo for the antis.
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    I tried searching for it, but couldn't find it. Can you post a link?

    Is it a page or a group?

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    sorry all for the delay if you search on Facebook you should be able to easily find it, i didn't realise one of the settings was set wrongly my apologies, hope to see plenty of you on there sharing your pix :0

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