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Thread: BDS Auction

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    BDS Auction

    Last few hours on some of the lots. Go to and follow the link to ebay.

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    A bit loathe to mention it as there are a few lots I have my eye on, but suprised that this hasn't generated more interest here.

    There are quite a few lots still at or near their opening bids!

    As MS mentions, you can see the full list of lots here: britishdeersociety | eBay
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    I have just had a look, some very nice things although I wont be placing any bids this time. I will definately be keeping an eye out for future auctions. Regard SBM

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    Red deer in Sherwood Forest! Red deer in Sherwood Forest!

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    I will be watching out for Office furniture, used 4x4s and eventually lease for sale on the property, then I will start getting worried ;-)

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