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Thread: Best calibre/bullet for minimal damage to fox

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    Best calibre/bullet for minimal damage to fox

    Most of my foxes are shot with a 300WM, 243Win and 12 bore. This year, wy wife wants to keep the pelts so that we can make some bedcovers. What calibre/bullet combination does the least damage to the pelt. I have the following calibres at my disposal:

    .222 Rem
    .223 Rem
    .22-250 Rem
    .243 Win

    I would be interested to read what others are using.

    Many thanks


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    .222 or .223 with FMJ bullets?

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    From your choices headshot triple but nothing wrong with freehand headshot .22 subsonic under about 90m, instant drop and no damage at all.

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    mine go to taxidermy so damage is an issue
    .222 VMax for one hole but if you touch a shoulder on the way it it can be messy
    usually no exits and very little entry damage but similarly a stray angle and you can easily unzip them

    Amax is LESS explosive than VMax and FMJ even less so

    problem with FMJ is you may not drop them

    ultimate in my book would be .22lr to the noggin at short range of course
    shot several in the bib with .22 subs and they all drop very quickly if the range is sub 50-60 yds

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    Don,t laugh but, 45-70 the old saying is that "you can eat right up to the hole" Not that i want to eat a fox. There is little damage but 2 holes. I have shot Roe with mine before I sold it

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    Thanks all. Will experiment.

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    I would have said a match bullet of some type but they will run a way unless head shot. .22lr head/chest at sensible ranges will do the job, sub sonic hollow point.


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    Actually pm dave 65 on here as he has alot of experience in this area.


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    22 Hornet

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    It seems to me that you have a good reason to get a .17 (hornet / Rem / Fireball / WHY).

    .17 bullets make tiny holes going in, blow big holes in the middle and almost never come out the far side.

    They shoot flat, cost little, use barely any powder, moderate well and will even mow your lawn if you ask nicely... well, not that last bit.
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