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Thread: 25-06 for roe

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    25-06 for roe

    hi guys need some information on the 25-06 remington cartridge.i use a 308 for fallow but find it a bit harsh on roe,i have just sold my 22-250 that i use for fox control and have put in a variation for a 25-06 hoping that the flat trajectory will be a good fox cartridge,getting fed up with foxing with the 22-250 and seeing roe in the early morning and cant shoot them.can any one please let me know what meat damage they are getting heart and lung shooting roe with the 25-06 and what bullet weights they are using.i am hoping to use 85 grain nosler silvertips for foxing and hoping that the 85 will be ok for roe any help will be appreciated.

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    The silver tips will be fine, does as it says on the tin

    100grn Remington's a harder bullet option

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    25-06 for roe

    I've used 25-06 with 100gr Nosler Ballistic tips on Roe for years. I bought a stockpile of Nosler Ballistic tipbullets from Reloading Solutions 15 years ago and have not yet exhausted them yet. I use 100 Sierra Matchkings for practice which perform similarly.

    Lots of people talk about meat damage with this calibre but with engine room shots I've never found an issue with this load.
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    2506 how do you find the meat damage with rounds pushing 3500 on small deer such as roe

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    Thanks north Dorset I like the ballistic silver tips with the lubilox coating I was told about the 25-06 being hard on barrels and this head extends the life of the barrel

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    3500fps don't stand so close to them. If you connect with some good bone on the way through it will be in bits. In several hundred less than a handful have never made the game dealer. Poor shot placement would be more of an issue it hits hard so land it close to the stomach and it will burst just like most other calibre's

    Quote Originally Posted by Jason308250 View Post
    2506 how do you find the meat damage with rounds pushing 3500 on small deer such as roe

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    The 85 grainers will be pretty fierce on Roe. I moved up from 100 grainers for the same reason - too fast!
    I now use 115 grain Combined Tech ballistic silvertips for everything from foxes and small muntjac up to large Fallow and lowland reds. I push them at 2900 fps. As soon as you get above 3000fps, you can expect the damage to increase greatly. Great all-rounder and still quite flat at sensible ranges.

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    Good point monkey Spanker thanks for the information

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    If you really open the throttle with light bullets, it'll be messy and you will lose meat....a lot! Keep it sensible-tbh I use factory 120s for roe-and you won't have a problem. Great round for the application you describe.

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    Used a 25-06 for many years and settled on the 117gn spt Sierra's. They expand reliably without being over violent when pushed along at approx. 2950 rpm. Taken Roe, Sika and Red's with these.

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