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Thread: introduction required

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    introduction required

    I have only been regularly shooting for a mere five years, therefore still lots to learn.
    I shoot Rimfire, centrefire, and black powder.
    Black powded consists of a muzzle loading rifle and a duelling pistol.
    Rimfire is for Thumper
    Centrefire is for target, Bambi and Miss Piggy.

    CZ455 American in 0.22" LR with a 16" barrel.
    Sako 75 Hunter in 6.5mm Swede
    Savage model 16FCSS in 0.308"WIN
    Ruger 96/44
    Eddystone P17 target rifle in 0.308"WIN
    Parker Hale 1858 2 band naval in 0.577"
    Pedersoli Henry LePage in 0.44"

    I also reload, oh what fun finding that sweet spot.

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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