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Thread: Redding full length sizing dies

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    Redding full length sizing dies

    Have the following Redding full length sizing dies available,
    25-06,30-06 and .308

    all as new 22 posted each

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    Hello Archie.
    If you can take paypal I would like to have the .308 if I ay please.


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    25-06 and 308 sold pending

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    i will have the 30 06 one off you please,

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    I'll be backup if the .308 sale falls through - cheers.

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    Hi Guys.
    I did say here last night that I want the .308 and that I was about to pay. My router has been blowing out several times last night and and some uploads to here and paypal appear to have failed.
    Touch wood,this appears.
    Archie- I actually paid at 8.12 pm.

    ATB Bryan.

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    Hi. Me again.
    I see my post number 7 succeeded. I can only assume the failed one last night was because I typed and sent when the router was resetting,the same when I was at paypal.
    Anyway,I have paid again a few minutes ago and had email on Windows mail confirming. I dont see any confirmation email for last nights payment or any entry on p/p account.
    I have been on my lappy now for 1/2 hour with no router re-sets. perhaps it was a problem at the telephone exchange.

    ATB Bryan.

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    Everything's fine Bryan, many thanks I'll post today.

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