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Thread: Identify these Antlers

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    Identify these Antlers

    Hi folks
    can you identify these antlers for me ??

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    im thinking its sika

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    They are not Sika. Rusa is a possibility but the top tines point backwards, not forwards as Rusa generally do. Which indicates to me that they are off a Sambar Stag.
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    Not a rusa as it has inners & not outers. The pearling looks too heavy for a sambar so my first guess is a very heavy/solid set of chital (Axis axis) antlers from a 4/5 YO stag.

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    I think a big chital set would be longer, I've not seen chital that heavy for the length, my gut feel is sambar.

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    Take a look at the side shot. The beam is curving forward which is typical of chital. It could be one of the eastern subspecies of sambar, a Malay, Chinese or Vietnamese, but it isn't really typical of an Indian or Sri Lankan stag IMO. The pearling is also saying chital to me, but they are very heavy in the beam which tends to lend back to the sambar .

    I haven't got any skulls of sambar or chital where I am ATM to be able to compare the "stitching" I can compare a few when I'm out bush again in a couple of days. The stitching is more like that of a sambar than a typical chital but not enough to out weigh my first impression. I see pearling like that on chital, its usually more prominent on rusa, but typically less so on sambar.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    It's not a "bitsa" like this is it? A sambar (25%) X rusa (25%) X chital (50%). Some of these were bred back to pure Javan rusa hinds & produced fertile offspring?

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    It's not a "bitsa" like this is it? A sambar (25%) X rusa (25%) X chital (50%). Some of these were bred back to pure Javan rusa hinds & produced fertile offspring?

    Why would folk do this ? Appreciate your photo....really interesting post this...Cheers

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