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Thread: Harkila trousers

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    Harkila trousers

    Has anybody on here got experience of goretex trousers from Harkila other than pro hunters? I'm on the look out for some lighter weight trousers. Not bothered about cost and only interested in the Harkila ones as I'm a right tackle tart. Cheers

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    A mate of mine has a pair of Harkila Frontier trousers and loves them; not too hot (apparently), goretex lined.....get a thumbs-up from him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by merlin View Post
    A mate of mine has a pair of Harkila Frontier trousers and loves them; not too hot (apparently), goretex lined.....get a thumbs-up from him.
    Hi +1

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    Ziggy are you wanting waterproof. The Gore-Tex is the lining in the trousers, so if you are not after waterproof a good lightweight is the Harkila Hiker Trouser. Customers tend to think Harkila Pro Shooter which is the lighter cousin to Pro Hunter is waterpoof but it is not.

    Have a look through the range and give us a call if you have any questions, the store is open 7 days.

    Harkila Trousers Page 1


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    Yep I know that Gore-Tex is the lining, I'm after something that's lighter in weight to wear, especially when it's chucking it down as the Prohunters get a tad heavy. I recently got some of the Mountain-trek trousers which I think are brilliant as a warmer weather trouser but are a bit short in the leg for some reason. My Prohunters are past their best ad do want replacing but unsure about which model trouser to go for as the ones I've had, have been bloody hard wearing and I'm unsure if the more expensive models will take as much punishment etc.

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    There are three core functions with Harkial, Performance, Endurance and Classic. Pro Hunter is in their Endurance range is made from Cordura and there is nothing as tough in the other ranges. Performance is light for high octaine hunting and does not have the toughness you are looking to match. Classic is cords and chinos and Torridon tweed. In the store I would by now be showing you Seeland Marsh, as I think this ticks all the boxes for being tough, waterproof and light.
    Can I also add, if it's good enough for "mentioning no names" then I think you will not be out of place wearing Seeland in anyones company

    Seeland Marsh Trousers Shaded Olive


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    Have a look at the Norrona trousers that are for sale on here.
    Had a pair for 3 years & still like new.
    Light enough for summer & in winter just put on some thermals.

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    Got the pro hunters kit dry as a dry thing but not that warm when sitting out

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