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Thread: Kitchen finishing advice please.

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    Kitchen finishing advice please.

    Just wondering if anyone on here can help with a bit of build / decorating advice please.

    Went to No1 daughters house at the weekend pre-warned (by text!) about a list of jobs needing doing. Shelves up, re-hang doors etc but I was stumped for a way to make good the following -

    The "professional" kitchen fitters have installed a through-wall cooker extractor fan by cutting through the wall just under ceiling height and in doing so have cut an over large hole in the plaster coving. Hole is rectangular but the coving is concave / radiused.

    Daughter suggested to fill the gap with white silicone (coving is white but extractor ducting is black) but I thought a piece of pliable plastic quadrant (concave or convex on the visible edge) glued in place might be neater - but would it bend into the coving radius?

    Any other suggestions please?

    I only need about a 2 - 3ft run to go around the 4 edges of the ducting so should find something on fleabay or in Wickes?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Buy some more coving and re cut it to go around the duct. Failing that fill with expanding foam and then fill over the top of that with filler.
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