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Thread: Pheasant/Partridge Feeders

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    Pheasant/Partridge Feeders

    I run a small farm shoot so have inherited most of the feeders/drinkers on the shoot. The feeders vary in size but also height, I have got hold of some mango chutney barrels and I wanted to know the best height from the floor to the bottom of a spring feeder. The shoot is a 50/50 mix of pheasant and partridge.

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    i find partridge aint to keen on spiral feeders i use letterbox feeders for them or manola/king feeders.i also find with springs that if they are the right height for poults they are to low when adult bit of a compramise between the two.i seem to remember 18 inches was recommended for spirals but cant be sure,use a bit of common sense and u wont be far off.or splash out and make some adjustable legs out of box section steel.

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