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Thread: lightweight moderators

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    lightweight moderators


    thinking of investing in a light weight moderator for my Tikka T3 in 6.5x5. Does any one have experience of either the Atec cmm4, Atec maxim or the roedale delta ultralight.



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    I have the CMM4 and I can't recommend it highly enough.
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    I have the A Tec Maxim. Nice and light, well made, not the quietest.


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    Swillington have the maxim in a titanium version which is even lighter. Don't rule out the Hardy Gen 5 either, it's also a great mod.

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    Hardy or AimZonic for me.

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    Got the Reodale on my for sale 243, not a bad mod at all, and it up to 6.5 cal

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    Lightweight mods are fine, just don't expect miracles, there's always a trade off between lightweight and built to last.

    Theres no real difference between the two above mentioned mods.

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    The last few years I have been singing the praises of the A-TEC Maxim but just this week I have acquired one of the recently imported, from New Zealand, Dpt mods.
    I have the muzzle mounted, four chamber one at rrp of 200 and weighing less than my A_TEC CMM4
    I have just finished loading a batch of ammo for my 30-06 and will be trying it tomorrow so will let you know how I get on in a couple of days.
    The reason I had to load some ammo is because my 30-06, is my driven boar gun and the only ammo I had to hand was from 180gr to 220gns and as I intend to use it for stalking later on tomorrow I have just loaded some 150gr.

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    i have a maxim and rate it very highly, as said above it isnt the quietest. it is however quieter than a hardy!!


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    Thanks guys move views welcome. Look forward to how it works on the 30-06.

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