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    Lh r93

    All you R93 experts out there,

    If i bought a right handed R93 would i just need a new bolt assembly to convert it to left hand?
    do you see many around in 7mm08?


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    From memory, I have a LH R93, you need a new left hand bolt and I have a feeling that you might also need a new bolt head to make it eject to the correct side. It wouldn't be an inexpensive converstion therefore but the left hand bolt assembly would work with any R93 and the bolt head with all the standard range of cartridges so even if you sold the rifle for another your left hand bolt would still work OK on the new one. Also having both means that a right hander can also shoot your rifle or you could always just sell the RH bolt assembly.

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    Be carefull, the profesional stock (dark green) has a palm swell, the standard off road stock (black) does not.

    Not sure about the timber stocks


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