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Thread: Lardering and butchery knives

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    Lardering and butchery knives

    I've finally got around to sourcing a range of new knives for the larder, having made do for ages with an odd selection of hand-me-downs or knives with non-EHO approved handles. After a bit of research, I found these guys, Samuel Staniforth Ltd of Sheffield:

    They do a decent range of larder and butchery knives with samprene handles, are well priced and my order arrived the next day. I reckon that the butcher's saw will see me out - it looks damn near indestructible and only cost 35. I bought a saw, skinning knife, a couple of boning knives and a new 10" steak knife and the whole lot came to 70 delivered.


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    For all your larder requirements

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    I have always used these people

    With the added bonus that they are only in Birmingham.

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