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Thread: Tikka T3 Variants

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    Tikka T3 Variants

    Whilst visiting a local gun store recently , I commented to the owner of the store about his lack of high end scopes in stock. I made mention that it really is better to be able to hold and caress them. I realize of course that it would be impossible to keep all models and brands of scopes in stock, much less rifles, shotguns, pistols etc.
    He posed this question to me. How many Tikka T3's would one have to put into stock to cover all it's variants ? I took a stab and factored in the stock configs, all calibres etc & come up with a figure of around 100. So then I had a quick look at the T3 , there are currently 19 models of the T3. The T3 Hunter is offered in 21 different chamberings. So if all 19 models offered the 21 chamberings available , that is 399 so far.

    Apparently somebody with far too much time on their hands found the answer, wait for it ................ 1,100 !!


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    yes....but an aftermarket stock (made for Varmint ) will fit all T3's except the CRT which I presume has a different mag well.
    how many different stocks would one need to cater for the Sako range.
    T3 will have more and more aftermarket bits because of this.

    I see your point with trying stock the variety in a shop.


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