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Thread: Aggressive roe bucks

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    Aggressive roe bucks

    Last night i encountered a buck whilst walking back to the car, as i wasnt expecting or looking for any bucks as i had switched off at this point, i bumped him and to my surprise he starting barking (normal) and foot scraping.
    At that point most usually take off but not this guy still barking and foot scraping head now down in full charge mode i thought its only posturing but he started coming towards me then stopped at this point i was on the sticks and rifle pointing right at him.
    Then to my surprise he dropped his head and ran full throttle towards me had to drop him head on.
    Was bloody shaking after it, has anyone else had this happen?

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    There was a buck where I stalk many year ago that didn't do the charge but would bark and follow you off his patch from quite close, a little unnerving when it was dark.
    He was a very nice 6 point buck and lived a good long time.
    We gave him the nickname well hard

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    I mentioned this recently on another thread. . I put the dog on a badly shot buck, upon catching up on the said buck it turned on my GWP and tried to gore it with it's antlers, the dog soon had it subdued but it's surprising the aggression it mustered.

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    Many years ago had the same thing happen with a buck on the Cotswolds. It was early May, he just took one look and came straight at me while I was checking traps, a very old aggressive animal. Sorry to say I had to shoot him at about five yards with a twelve bore as in those days I valued what was at his head height very much.
    Have had close encounters with a few Sika but only one Roe,
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    I've had one or two come in pretty close, showing some stand up behaviour, rather than aggressive. This has been during the Rut though. So not unsurprising, if the've not got a scent and are unsure as to what you are. As for your experience, bet you were clenching when it happened.


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    I had a buck a bit like this a few days ago, not quite as aggressive, but certainly not as timid as normal. He ran a little way from me then stopped at a hedge, he went up and down the hedge barking at me and kept almost mock charging, before eventually deciding that discretion was the better part of valour. When he ran in to the wood i gave one squeak on the buttolo i happened to have with me, and he came back out. It was a shame to shoot him really but the landowner is very anti-deer so didnt have a lot of choice. Very nice buck though. Was going to do a write up on here but havent got around to it yet.
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    [ bet you were clenching when it happened.


    Yeah was slightly shaking after it think it was adrenaline though had to shoot him head on as i didnt think he was going to stop dropped him at around ten yds

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    I have a young Buck that challenges me most mornings at the moment, he doesn't charge but he will close in to about 50M and then walk parallel whilst barking. Not sure who he's barking at,me or the dog.

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    I've know quite a few reports of does chasing and butting dogs. also shot a buck that had chased several dogs and people on a river bank, it ran 150 yards straight at me and stopped at about 25yds the morning I shot it, it had a malformed head also

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