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Thread: law on moderators

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    law on moderators

    Is it true that the use of moderators is free on an air rifle in the UK? No registration ? Just go in a shop and buy it?

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    If it's sub 12 (non fac) air then yes, just go and buy what takes your fancy.

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    Is true, providing you are 18yrs or older.

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    With the right dealer it would be possible to get an A Tec Cmm4 for my air rifle?

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    whilst the legalities of picking up a CF rated mod for an air rifle make it technically possible I would expect any RFD to have a major issue
    (I also see no benefit technically or legally, Mod variations are usually free and IMO you should always apply for the slot if you have a variation or renewal going in)

    however it is common practice for rimfire moderators to be used so technically and practically you can pick up a SAK or similar for your sub 12 air rifle

    I however have gone the opposite way and run an air rifle mod on my .22!

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