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Thread: First buck of the season

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    First buck of the season

    Met up with Bandit Country on one of my permissions 5 mins up the road last night. Decided to have a walk round some boundry hedges where I have spotted a couple of does through the winter, stalked the boundry, slots all along the headlands but no deer spotted.

    Made our way through a spinney with a small stream running through it, signs of a buck marking on a few sapplings and looked fresh. Great job a buck in residence, but he didn't make an apperance. Crossed the stream to glass some rape fields. Nothing showing, but the BC spotted charlie making his way down the headland back towards the spinney. Rifle up and started to squeak but he was not interested and disapeared into the spinney. Looks like a trip round with the lamp next week.

    I then decided we should to go back to wood which is close to the main house, we drove to the gateway, on the way we have to drive past the end of the wood and I spotted a doe on the edge, we split up and BC made his way over to a field on the far side of the wood which over looks the backside of the wood. I made my way to a high seat which is in the middle of the wood where we spotted a family group ( mum, daughter and son ) during the winter

    By this time is was 8 o'clock and not that much light left, the wood was cleared out 3 years ago, it was all planted in rows consisting of oak and conifer, they have cleared all the conifer out and have left the oak. all the brash has been left in the rows so stalking it is a nightmare.

    As soon as I got up the highseat I spotted a shape 200m up the ride, bins up it was the doe we spotted from the road, she was making her way slowly down the ride browsing as she went. Then she was joined by a buck, they both started to come towards my position, the light was now fading and keeping them both in sight was a job.

    It's amazing how they just seam to blend in to any surounding they are in, they then made there way accross to the next ride behind some briers and I lost them for a split second, S**t they completley vanished. After some frantic scanning I spotted some movment and the doe was now on the next ride over, where was the buck?

    Yet again after some searching he appeared from behind some briers by this point the doe was making her way down the ride which finished 50m away just off my centre to the right, then the buck caught her up to follow her 5 m behind, rifle was up at this point and was fallowing him in the scope and then the moment came as he paused long enough to send the 100gr core loc to the boiler room( a little low ). Thud came back as the reaction to the shot looked good, he ran 10m and paused,. By this time another round was in the chamber but wasn't needed, he just fell over and kicked a couple of times. The doe just hung around until I made safe the rifle and got down. Went over to the buck, tested for reaction with the sticks, nothing. Made rifle safe again. Result,first buck of the season and the one we had planned on taking out from this wood.

    Weighed in at 38lbs ( head and feet off )

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    nice one lads looks like a nice six pointer


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    Well done Jonathon, nice job.


    Life should be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving skidding in sideways, Merlot in one hand, Cigar in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming WOO HOO what a ride!

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    Jonathon it sounds like you had a good stalk well done

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    Well done young Jonathon, that put a smile on your face . Hope you and the family are all well. Let me know if you want to come down this way give me a bell.


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    Well done mate!

    Job's a good 'un...

    Does that compensate for your little game of 'who blinks first' the other day??
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    Nice read sounds like you had a good stalk.

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    Well done Jonathon, good write up and to get the one you were after is always a result.

    Hope all is well.


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    well done jonathon, i bet you are chuffed to bits with getting him. nice write up mate

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    Well done mate.

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