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Thread: Sako stutzen

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    Sako stutzen

    From back in the 1990 anyone know how accurate they are

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    I had a play with one in .243 once. Accuracy - bit over an inch at 100, but that's on the basis of three or four shots. Get the right load, more than accurate enough for any stalking situation, but it's not going to trouble a specialist varmint / tacticool rifle at 600 metres.

    But for a lightweight and handy rifle for normal ranges it will do the job very nicely.

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    No, but they sure look cool:

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    Can get you one in .243 for 950 if interested
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    I'm on my second stutzen & have shot five in total - one being a Sako, one a BSA & three being Steyer Mannlichers. Calibres from 243 to 30-06.
    All shot within 1" at 100 yards with no load development.
    You need to know how to hold them as they are sensitive to any twisting / bending you put on the forend. They don't like bipods for that reason.
    Long range sniper rifles they ain't but as a tool for walkabout / woodland stalking they are perfect. Mine shoot better than I can!


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    Assuming second hand you will need to consider how it's been looked after just like any rifle of vintage. I have restored a Stutzen of another make from the 1980's that would not group on an A4 page. It now groups under an inch with the right ammunition. It's unlikely to have a warn barrel but pitting maybe depending on its care and stock , barrel, action fit may need some work. Nothing bedding would not sort out. It may all be very good and shoot sub inch the way it came from the factory of course and this would be reflected in the price paid.
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    they look so nice, but for me there is a lot more nice woodwork to damage

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