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Thread: Bresser help required

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    Bresser help required

    Hi all, I have one of these 5x50 digital units that's busy doing nothing and want to improve it's performance to create a decent cheap spotter for my 12yr old son to have a play with.
    I read somewhere that the internals are Yukon so there may be some potential to greatly improve it's performance. (I know it's not a bad little unit in the right conditions, i.e a clear night with a bit of moon).
    My question is has anybody found a way of mounting a decent ir illuminator to it e.g nm800, T50 etc which aligns the beam correctly everytime?
    Is there some sort of clamp or something which fits in the tripod mount?
    Thanks in advance
    ATB Lee

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    I got a cheapo picatinny style rail. Drilled it. Grubbed around for a suitable bolt to fit through the hole and into the tripod mount.
    next was a T20 with a weaver ring to clamp onto the rail. Get about 250 yds with it.Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks Sika98k, top man!
    ATB Lee

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    it comes with a universal tripod mount already
    just get a cheap laser with an adjustable mount

    worked fine when I used one, now I just use the onboard IR

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    Not pretty but 1000% des not move:home made bracket + hot glue.As an aside I find that I get a more usable F.O.V. using a Yukon 3x lens.
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    Two or three years ago I mounted a cheap Aldi Bresser on my .22 semi-auto. A bit rough and ready but it worked a treat.

    I also coupled it up with an old Sony handicam to try the AV take off:

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    how did you aim with it or was it just guess work
    would be interested to give it a try for the summer bunnies

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    i had a bresser and thought about mounting it on an air rifle with a laser to aim with. gave in and bought a n550.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cz601 View Post
    how did you aim with it or was it just guess work
    would be interested to give it a try for the summer bunnies
    I used a cheap laser pointer with a press remote button. With the rifle zeroed with a normal scope I adjusted the laser to line up with the cross hairs at 30 yards and clamped it up firm - I removed the scope and mounted the Bresser, juggling around a bit until the laser was about in the centre of the screen.

    It worked very well for what it was - After a while I found it wasn't really necessary to use the laser I soon got to know just by looking at the screen where it would shoot. I think the Bresser cost 69 from Aldi and the laser was about a fiver.

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