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Thread: End entry gun safe

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    End entry gun safe

    I was wondering if anyone had come across an end entry gun safe on their travels? I am about to custom build the back of my pickup splitting the bed down the middle. The left hand will be for dogs, the right will be for storage etc. I intend to build the storage side level with the wheel arch. The underside will have one long storage unit to slide in cased rifle, shotgun etc and the short chamber to the wheel arch will be used for cartridges etc. on top I will have oodles of storage for deer trays, decoys etc. then I thought if someone is doing an end entry gun safe it would increase the security no end. Just a thought, any ideas?

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    A friend had one for a single shot gun in his house. It worked quite well. Regards JCS

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    Thats quite a good idea, I would want any rifles to be in pretty substantial slips to avoid vibration etc but I still like the idea.

    I'm sure there will be a factory made version available from Cabelas but it would probably only fit US trucks and cost an arm and a leg to ship.

    Maybe something could be made out of box section or two large pieces of channel?

    Is there anyway it could fit in the cab? Maybe on the floor in front of the back seats?

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    I'm building something like this for the back of my Disco 2.

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    Is there any need for a gun 'safe' as such?

    I have an asymmetric twin drawer system built into the loadbed of my VW Amarok pickup and the deeper one can take a number of slipped guns.

    A simple lock on the draw front stops unauthorised access, but to even get that far any potential thief would have to get into the canopy first and then drop the locked tailgate. I believe I've taken reasonable enough precautions to prevent access even without recourse to a metal safe.

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