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    i would like to say a very big thank you to john most on here will have gathered by now ,im new to stalking .i booked a day with john and what a day it was.
    out in the morning looking roundsa plenty moving in the distance or just over borders,
    then we saw them
    lovly big 6 pointers.told john they were to good for me and to see if we could find a cull buck.
    saw a few does about and some more big lads but left them alone
    off for a breaky (mmmmmmmmmmm).evening stalk,
    saw 2 bucks in a wood,we stalked up to a good shooting point for one of them on edge of wood,gun on sticks,der in sights,sqeeze safty off tension on trigger then something spooked him .off he and his mate went.looking round later saw 2 more bucks one a 6 pointer and a cull buck,im getting exited now,gun raised on cull buck but couldnt hold still so refused shot.plenty more seen after that but none in shot.
    it was nice to sit in high seat at end of eve looking out and saw 2 barn owls hunting a good sight to see but nothing else came our way so off home.

    although i didnt grass any,this was down to me not john he was always looking out for my best interests and couldn,t have ben more helpfull so thank you john ...and in the words of arny...I WILL BE BACK.

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    Hard luck Topgun, shame that you didn't get a cull buck, but it sounds like you saw plenty. Top bloke that Robbo, good luck next time.

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    Topgun, shame you didn't get that shot but credit to you for not taking a shot that you were uncomfortable with. I hope you have better luck next time.
    I was in a similar situation this evening, safety off twice but not happy with shot. He'll keep for another time!
    Cheers, downwind.

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    Sorry to hear you didn't get the shot you wanted but glad to hear you enjoyed your time with John.

    We have also just been stalking with John and we had a great time. They couldn't have worked harder to get us into the right places.

    Hats off to John, Mal and Carl they are top blokes and deserve all the credit they get!

    Better luck next time Topgun.

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