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Thread: Bloody Cats Fighting

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    Bloody Cats Fighting

    At 2.30 am this morning i was woken up by cats fighting outside my window they were there for a good time,so up i got and let the Dog out she barked and the cats went quiet took me a while to get the dog in though lol .I was up so a quick cuppa walked the dog and then off for a Stalk, it was a really nice clear morning so i decided to go and have a look around a couple of Farms that have cut and picked up the Grass for Silage.I like this time of the year for Stalking all the Fields are cut and cleared of Grass the Bucks are sorting out their territories young Bucks are wandering around aimlessly and most are feeding along the hedge rows, it makes it easier to find the Deer but it makes it harder for a Stalk as they can see you alot easier aswell.I got to my intended Farm and started off across a 10 acre Field and made my way to where i had seen a Roe Buck a few days ago, but i had only gone a hundred yards or so and i got spotted he was in a Field over to my left and he was gone like lightning closely followed by 2 Does through the hedge and out of sight.I went to the other end of the Farm only seeing 1 Doe off to the next port of call there was 1 Doe on this Farm aswell, as i was driving to my next spot a very good Buck came over the hedge into the road stopped looked at my Truck then jumped the hedge and away sods law i think you call it.I had to drive a fair way to get to my next Farm and i am glad i did, i parked up and was walking across a long straight Field when a Roe Buck and a Doe came out of the bottom hedge and started walking up across the Field without taking a bit of notice of me what so ever, they were 180 ish yards infront of me but the Buck which had stood broadside on to me and feeding was right on the horizon and not a safe shot , i lay prone hoping the pair would walk another 80/100 yards to my right where they would be stood infront of a bank and safe for a shot but after 10 minutes or so they turned back and went over the hill and out of sight (Bugger it !! ).I did walk over to the top of the Field just to see if they were still around but i never caught sight of them again,i carried on around the Field and across the road i saw 3 more Deer a Roe Buck and 2 more Does not my permission though i got to the end of this Field and through the gate into the adjoining bit of Rough ground and down under the bottom hedge i saw 2 Roe they were both stood with their backs to me feeding in the hedge one lifted his head and it was a Buck as the same the other one turned and that was another Buck.I crept down to a few Bramble Bushes and waited to see their next move i was good for the wind direction and it was safe for a shot i had not been spotted but they were both ass on to me at 93 yards, one Buck turned out in the Field i was prone on the ground with my 25.06 on it's Bipod and i zeroed the scope onto the neck of the closest Buck a shot rang out and he dropped on the spot the second one ran 75 yards and stopped looking back at his mate twitching on the ground , he was stood broadside on to me so i went for the boiler room on him a thud echoed back to me and the second Buck was also Grassed without moving another step. I think this has got to be the very first time i was glad to be disturbed my bloody cats fighting. .It's strange to see how many different coloured Roe Deer there are about this time of the year some are nice and Red some are Grey and some look like the moths have been at them.

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    Nice read

    Well done

    The enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.

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    +1 on the write up and pics it just goes to show how fantastic stalking really is bazil

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