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Thread: Worth measuring?

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    Worth measuring?

    Worth measuring? I think possible bronze
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I have a couple in the garage that have just failed to make bronze and a bronze on the wall. If you want to come round and see where your head fits, let me know.



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    Current weight?
    When shot?
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    I have one that is a very long head but I cut the skull like yours without thinking
    Always be a medal in my mind!

    too late now to measure I fear

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    PKL what you don't know if its going to make it mate that's shocking LMFAO
    Teyhan is correct you need to give us a weight soon as you have that you get a really good idea.

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    It's a very nice head but if it's borderline then the chances of it making a medal have been reduced by cutting the skull. I speak from experience ��


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    I have one cut like yours, they take it into account and I had it measured and it made bronze by 1 point.

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    cut as is in picture it's 350g on the spot

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    thanks for that.

    won't bother then as likely to fall just short of bronze

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