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    Anyone else find it amusing to look at their Badger fence at Minsmere, Good strong wire turned out at the bottom,electric at the top to stop them climbing over. I couldn't stop laughing at old Brock digging his way under. All that money spent and no electric just above ground level to stop him, Where do these experts come from? Definitely a different planet I think.
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    Yes they are going to retrain the rogue badger that ate all the eggs last year

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    Maybe they were advised on badger protection by Brian May?

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    I'm actually quite fond of Springwatch, but yes, I did smile at ole brocks attempts.
    You've got to give it to them the badger is a tenacious and formidable beast.

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    Tenacious and clever too it would seem.
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    Brock probably doesn't even need to get out of first gear when dealing with the hugging community.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 8x57 View Post
    Tenacious and clever too it would seem.
    So the Mail describe it as hilarious - and the huggers on the badger FB sites call it 'sweet' - have they never come FTF with a sow defending her young then - or seen what a brock will do to a dog in that environment (and yes I mean the one where there's a fight for a bakewell tart....)
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    No call me gutless but I wouldn't want to come down to the kitchen in the middle of the night for a drink and come face to face with brock either.

    I wonder if the guys who are on the badger control pilot have ever thought of using Bakewell tarts as bait.

    Talking of cat flaps. I was sat in the garden the other evening when I heard a slight thump from the neighbours house and didn't think any more of it until my GWP came flying out of the kitchen door followed closely by my daughters terrier. "What the hell is that all about" I said to the wife. "Oh that's next doors cat flap and the cat coming out". By now both dogs had taken up ambush position at the top of our garden just in case the cat decided to cross our garden.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    A couple of nights ago two of the presenters were wringing their hands and agonising over the over the drastic decline in hedgehog numbers. All sorts of possible causes were suggested - modern farming practices (naturally !), garden fences confining their movements, traffic, etc., but you've guessed it, there was one notable omission ! No mention was made of the eating habits of badgers, nor the fact that, without any controls, their numbers have multiplied dramatically just ahead of the hedgehogs' decline. Perhaps the Springwatch naturalists haven't noticed the coincidence, or maybe they think Brock's carnivorous appetite is confined to slugs, beetles, - and the luckless progeny of groundnesting birds !

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