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    Hello all. I have been reading the forum for a bit, having found it via a link on another website, can't remember which one and have just got round to joining. Have been stalking for a good few years and have made the decision to do more of it. I'm looking forward to reading some more informative threads.Thanks


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    Hello Munroe, Welcome to the forum. I like you used to read these pages for a long time before signing up. I must warn you though... it's addictive!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DC .270 View Post
    I must warn you though... it's addictive!
    Hi DC

    Thank you for the tip off. I shall have to try and control myself.

    I'm not much of a one for the "social interaction" aspect of internet forums, TBH that side of them I find rather tedious. When browsing other forums I have often found myself asking the same question, " would I like to spend the evening down the pub with that person or persons" frequently the answer comes up, no!

    But I do find the exchange of knowledge and informed views interesting and worth while, and SD does have more than its fair share of interesting threads. I hope my future contributions can add little to the knowledge base.

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