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Thread: Small river fly fishing

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    Small river fly fishing

    Evening all, I am after some advice on so e new kit , I am a member of a small river fly fishing club and want to get the most out of the trout I am catching , they are mostly in the 3/4 lb mark and I would like to get some light gear . Can any one recommend a set up or rod ? What line class and what rod ?
    I don't want to spend loads of cash . Where can I get it from?
    Advice needed

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    What river Tom, River Otter?
    I fish a 7 1/2' 3 weight on the river Teign.

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    I have no idea what you want to spend, but I borrowed a friends set up for fish of a similar size and it was excellent fun. A Hardy Demon 8ft/#4 coupled with a hardy ultralite DD, although I don't know the size. The line I used was a double taper Rio floater in a very fetching green. The Demon is discontinued now, and has been superseded by the Jet, but you can still find them new at game fairs and on online stores at a reasonable (for Hardy) price. Should be a decent starting point at least. Enjoy!

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    I have a 6' Hardy 3 weight matched to a Hardy LRH Lightweight reel. Bought years ago the total cost was maybe 150? It's a great combination as a brook setup, but for real fun I also use the same reel to fish with a 6'6" Sharps Scottie split cane rod, bought secondhand for about 50.

    TBH I'd probably fish a 8' or 8'6" 4wt by preference, as it's a far more versatile setup.

    I've not fished newer rods for years, but Fawcett's and Sportfish both have a selection of short rods:

    Greys XF2 Streamflex 6' #2 4pc - Stephen J Fawcett's Online Country Store

    My godson just started fishing, so I bought him one of the Vision rods whilst he's learning and it seems pretty good. I think it's hard to buy a bad rod these days, but easy to buy an expensive one!
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    Rl winston wt 8'#4 with wulff TT floater on an Abel TR

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    If the river is small enough that your fishing 3wt-4wt rods, I'd also make sure I used a double taper line as there won't be any need to shoot lots of running line at distance....Probably allows for nicer presentation too and on such a small water where the fish will be relatively close, you don't want to spook them with lots of false casting etc.... I've a small Shakespeare 3/4wt rod here, 7' long that I bought a DT line for and it's far nicer than the previous weight forward line I had for it...
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    I have a 8.5" streamflex with no name reel and a high end floating line

    put your money into the line and leaders

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    Had the opportunity to fish a nice stretch of the River Yeo recently and only wish I had taken just such a setup

    as the rod I use on more open waters such as Gravetye was a ******** nightmare!

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    I went to sportfish just a few weeks ago and they did me a deal on Greys XF2 streamflex 7" 3wt, with Greys reel, top end line and backed reel, 5 packs leaders and about 20 flies. I think all in was about 280. Spoke to a Steve who was happy to give discount

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    Split cane rod, silk line ...... May be out of the budget !

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