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Thread: Tikka M595 7mm-08

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    Tikka M595 7mm-08

    Wood/blued M595 in good condition. Bought new last year. Screwcut 1/2 UNF by Steve Kershaw. Barrel circa 21 inches. Northstar moderator. 2 X5 shot mags, 1 x 3 shot. Q/D swivels. Rings & mounts. 60 rounds of facrory ammunition. 650.

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    That is a seriously cheap M595, when you itemise the lot, the mags alone are worth around 140 / 160
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    Interested in your rifle. PM sent

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    I will take this just need couple of questions answered pm sent


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    That is a great deal for someone. The mod and Steve Kershaw's time combined alone would cost at least 350.


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    Its a shame my variation has not come through yet! End of next week i am told. Bugger

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    Now sold for more than asking price - pending FAC variation. I will pm interested parties if it becomes re-available.

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