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Thread: 22/250 observed ballistics.

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    22/250 observed ballistics.

    I have been playing with a friends 22/250 over the past week doing a bit of load development etc. I have observed some surprising results regarding bullet drop.

    I have been using 50gr V-Max's and 55gr NBT's with both Benchmark and Varget. Velocity has been measured by a Chrono 10 feet in front of the muzzle. Various loads displayed velocities between 3500 and 3700 FPS, with quite big extreme spreads ( around 100FPS ). Using the classic 1" high at 100yards, I would have expected to be bang on at 200 yards given the velocity. In reality, using a 1" high zero, POA at 200 yards was a full 2" low. I had to adjust POA at 100 yards to a full 2" high to get a 200 yard Zero.

    I hear a lot of chat about flat shooting 22 CF's etc, and holding dead on out to near 300 yards. These actual observed results would tend to call a lot of these claims into question.

    Any comments lads??

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    Brian, if your chrony is telling the truth, maybe you are pushing the V max a bit hard?, I had some really rubbish results with them, I substituted Amax with excellent results, I have also heard people discuss V max coming apart some way down range, extreme spreads of variation could be down to primers, I'm sure Muir will have an idea on this one, Steve.
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    Steve, I just find it interesting. I bought this Chrono a few months ago, this past week was the first time we have had the weather to really spend some time working on stuff. There was certainlly no evidence of the V-maxs coming nor instability.

    I have not shot my 222 or 270 over the chrono - never will now as they are both gone, but both gave results in line with rough expectations, ie 1" high zero with both gave 200 yard POI's around 2" low, both in theory were running at 3000 - 3100 FPS, the 270 maybe a bit less, the 222 maybe a bit more.

    I just find it surprising that with measured velocity of say 3600FPS, that the 22/250 is not substantially flatter.

    I have a new 22/250 on the way myself, should get it next week if the cops ever send out my variation which was due three weeks ago. It will be interesting to compare two different rifles shooting similar loads.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Maybe you have bullets it just doesn't like?
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    Interesting. Not so much that you would find that much drop at 200 yards with the 22-250 but more so that you would think that a three-inch window of trajectory at 200 yards isn't flat. Seems darned flat to me, what with that gravity thing to overcome and all. Still, I guess that is a little out of the expected frame of 2". It's hard to say what was going on. So much hangs on external conditions such as temp, humidity, barometric pressure and velocity. All these things effect trajectory. That Nosler bullet has a factory listed ballistic coefficient of .267 but if you could get me two chronograph readings, say 50M apart, I could calculate the actual BC at your locale. This might change the picture, ballistically, because Nosler uses computer models to generate their BC's.

    I ran that bullet (Nosler) over my computer with their BC and it comes up that you are within 7/8" of the plotted trajectory. Considering all the variables, I don't know if it's worth losing too much sleep over. JMHO, of course~Muir

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    Another point is that the height that your scope is mounted above the bore will affect the perceived bullet drop. I would take with a pinch of salt anybody that says that there rifle will shoot to the point of aim out to 300 yrds.

    I have a couple of flat shooting deer rifles and with a 200 yard zero you can aim dead on up to 250 on deer sized game with heart lung shots but above that you have to start allowing for gravity.



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    There is alot or "rubbish" spouted on forums regarding "lazer like" trajectories.

    The 22-250 is no exception, its flat, to a point then succumbs just like any other calibre to the effect of gravity, drag and falling MV.

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    this is what we found out.

    i now have a R93 22-250 of my own and its giving 3600 with 41gn h380, gives about 3550 with 35.5gn of h4895.

    my .243 @ 3900 is flatter and harder hitting with the 55's, but the 22-250 has something about it - using it as a vermin gun for the summer with a nxs 5.5 - 22 x 56 np2 -dd.

    i think the 22-250 would benefit from a longer barrel than the r93 has, but then it wouldnt be an r93, so it would not be a benefit! although the r93 varmint looks like a good bit of kit

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    Def agree with Redmists comments ref "laser like"trajectories
    IMO the 22.250 is a great calibre,but, I think alot of us tend to think its better/greater/more acurate/flatter shooting than it realy is, as there is NO rifle /bullet combination that doesn`t succumb to gravity somewhere/sometime
    I had mine built by C.Ferguson, and all I wanted to do was shoot foxes,and the action came back with a 26inch Schillin barrel on it and it shot the 40gr hp Federal ammo brilliantly.
    Mate of mine used a Sako or Tikka forget which,with 24in barrel and it wouldnt group in 4inches with my ammo, and my rifle would only do 2inch groups with his ammo.
    Over here I just use 55 gr factory stuff and it works well enough on rabbits and goats not used it on any deer yet.

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    Occasionally a rifle will, in any calibre turn in some pretty fantastic results, some calibres fairly well regarded in accuracy comps will have the odd one that outshines the rest,It may just be down to that being the case with 22-250, it's fairly well known this is a pretty good fox / deer round.......... just a bit overhyped
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